Who We Are

Telco Logistics partners with specialists who can design, deploy and support your IT and Telecom infrastructure, connectivity, and hardware together with your mobile devices.

With the ever-changing world of technology, sourcing your IT and Telecoms from multiple suppliers may have been the only way that you could have sourced all your requirements. But what if we can reduce the supply chain and make it more interconnected?

We can provide health checks to see if you are paying the correct money for your services, together with providing you with the following services.

Why Choose Us?

Telco Logistics works with trusted partners who can centralise the supply, support and security of all these key business technologies – IT, connectivity, telephony and mobile. We bring everything under one umbrella agreement to provide a much more coordinated and manageable solution. If your IT support provider also manages your internet connection, your hosted telephony and your mobile estate, when users have issues, there can be no finger-pointing, but 100% focus on diagnosing and resolving the issue.

These services can be phased in over a period as existing contracts mature.

Telco Logistics connects your IT Services, Telephony, Mobile and Connectivity.

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