If your ambition is to remain with your current provider, but negotiate a better deal, we offer a benchmark audit service to allow you to utilise our expertise. We will help you explore your existing contractual terms and where cost-savings and efficiencies can be calculated. This is a chargeable service refundable should you subsequently wish to move your business to us. Please note that a high level review is free of charge.

This will be done over numerous steps, which are listed below in a concise format but we will go into more detail once we start discussing your requirements.
We need to discuss what you want to achieve with your business and the technology within it. Where are you heading or want to head from a technology perspective?
A detailed assessment of your existing IT, Connectivity, Telephony and Mobile technology. So that we can propose the most effective solution for your business.
We will design a solution which fits your business profile, meets your objectives and optimises the technology available.
Deploying new technology and infrastructure can be a trying process. We make it work seamlessly and ensure you are kept up to date along the way. We will ensure your business is not adversely impacted in the process.
24/7 monitoring to ensure that deviations are flagged and responded to quickly. We keep you connected as a matter of priority.
We work with you side by side as your technology partner and ensure you have the most proactive support you require.

Telco Logistics connects your IT Services, Telephony, Mobile and Connectivity.

Click on the button below, which will take you to a form to fill in. We will then contact you back to discuss your requirements.